Shihan Chris Carbonaro

Shihan Carbonaro 11th Dan has been studying martial arts for over 15 years, and lived and trained in Japan from 2001-2004. His first encounter with the Bujinkan was through Kamioka-Shihan, who was very gracious to teach him the basics of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Not only did Kamioka Sensei teach him about the Bujinkan, but he also taught Shihan Carbonaro about the Japanese culture and way of life. After passing his Godan test in November 2003, Shihan Carbonaro was then told by Kamioka Sensei that Nagato Sensei will be his main teacher from this point foward. He was personally introduced to Hatsumi and Nagato Sensei, by Kamioka Sensei. Shihan Carbonaro regularly attended Nagato Sensei’s thursday night classes at the Higashi Matsuyama Dojo, while training at the Hombu Dojo on Sundays. When time allowed, Shihan Carbonaro would train as much as possible, sometimes as many as 6 days a week. While living in Japan, Shihan Carbonaro also picked up the Japanese language. Under the guidance of Craig Olson and Tim Bathurst, Shihan Carbonaro became a regular translator for Nagato Sensei’s classes. Shihan Carbonaro also has the rare opportunity to translate for Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi whenever necessary.

Shihan Carbonaro is a 5 year Veteran of the United States Air force. He served as a Military Police Officer. Upon returning home to Pennsylvania after living in Japan for 3 years, he became a Corrections officer for Pike County Correctional facility. Shortly after he found himself leaving the field of corrections to work for a Japanese company, as a Sales rep. Shihan Carbonaro travels back to Japan to continue his Bujinkan training twice a year. He especially likes to go during the DKMS in December every year, because he likes to meet up with all of his BUYU friends from around the world.

Shihan Carbonaro lived and trained in Japan from 2001-2004. He has since been back twice in 2005-2007 covering the yearly themes of Takagi Yoshin Ryu, Juppo Sessho, Roppo Kuji no Biken, Gyokko Ryu, Shinden Fudo Ryu, and Kukishinden Ryu. Shihan Carbonaro has made three trips to Japan for the 2008 theme of Togakure Ryu.

Luis Acosta (Dojo-Cho) Bujinkan Nezumi Dojo

502509 013

Luis Acosta (Dojo-Cho) 

Chief Instructor for Bujinkan Nezumi Dojo- Coral Springs, Florida

Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo-New Jersey Affiliate

Sensei Luis Acosta has been studying the martial arts since the age of 12 in New York City. After relocating to South Florida, Luis Acosta has trained with many local martial arts masters. It wasn’t until 1998 when Luis Acosta realized his dream come true, an Authentic Ninjutsu instructor (Shidoshi Juan Hernandez) was available to teach in Coral Springs, Florida. Luis Acosta has trained with some of the best martial artist in the world to include- Soke Masaaki Hatsumi (Bujinkan Dojo), Isamu Shiraishi Sensei, Nagato Sensei, Noguchi Sensei, Shihan Paul Masse, Shihan Jack Hoban, Shihan Bud Malmstrom, Shihan Ed Martin, Shihan Steffan Frolich, Shihan Chris Carbonaro, Shihan Robert Hamilton, Shidoshi Juan Hernandez and many others. Sensei Luis Acosta continues to train and pursue knowledge with his fellow Buyu in the Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo in New Jersey. The Bujinkan Nezumi Dojo is proud to be affiliated with the Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo under Shihan Chris Carbonaro 11th dan.

“I welcome anyone who truly wishes to learn the art of the Ninja to train with us ! “Everything you know about martial arts is about to change!”
– Luis Acosta


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